The School of the Little Ones


Three years old is a time of endless curiosity and wonder - when children begin to develop intense interests. That is why at The School of the Little Ones In., our teachers get to know each child's strengths and inclinations, so that they can turn these natural interests into skills and knowledge.

We are not only a daycare, but a preschool, as well. Research shows that children build knowledge appropriate to their development when they actively explore and interact with their environment.

That's why The School of the Little Ones Inc., provides ample opportunities for children to learn grow and develop their skills confidently and comfortably in our safe and supportive daycare environment.

The preschool classroom offers a comfortable, inviting child care environment that makes the most of learning opportunities and self-direction. Children's artwork, pictures of diverse people, personal family connection photos, easily accessible materials and experienced, knowledgeable teachers are all essential components of the environment.

Shelves are labeled with pictures and words to expose children to print awareness and to assist them in accessing and putting away material.

We also make sure parents stay informed, with daily reports and monthly news letter .

We encourage parents to learn more about our quality child care and education we bring to our early preschool programs.

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