The School of the Little Ones


Such a critical time in the development of your child. We know that motor development, diet and no-stress environments are critical at this stage.

We make it happen.

Our infant classes are divided into three areas: Infants, Crawlers and Walkers. This insures that even at this young age, your child is in the environment most conducive to their development.



The Toddler stage is crucial in your child becoming comfortable in socializing with others. In addition, at this stage the ground work is being set for their ability to learn and function in structured settings.

Most Important
POTTY TRAINING! We've got them and you covered.


Pre-School is truly an important phase where your child learns not only different ways of being creative, but HOW to express their genius.

We also engage your child in activities which will make them comfortable with literacy, math, science, and group social skills.

Lots of motor activity and structured and unstructured play insures their physical health.


Your child is preparing to take on the world!

We build on the skill-sets introduced in Pre-School. Emphasis on experiential math, language and group social skills are critical to a successful school experience

Organized activity, small group instruction, as well as independent play are important to your child having a empowered sense of self within larger groups.

School Age

A productive and structured-day occurs before and after the school-day and Summer Camp....

We place an emphasis on balance between independent play, homework and structured social activities.

When you pick them up, they'll be ready for dinner, family time, chores and bedtime...we know, because we are parents, too!

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