The School of the Little Ones

School Age

The place to be for friends, learning and FUN!

Doing homework, hanging out and playing with friends, putting on plays, playing arcade games and watching movies. Our school age program offers students a fun, rich environment with a never-ending variety of activities.

Our program is designed to complement the school day. Our space is arranged for a variety of indoor/outdoor daycare activities where kids can play team or individual games.

A hands-on attendance system lets children move between interest areas, but allows teachers to supervise everyone and maintain our ratios. a lesson plan for each areas is developed after teachers and students have the opportunity to discuss activity ideas.

The School of the Little Ones Inc., school age program also offers full-day childcare through summer camp and holiday programs which provide children with fun and safe ways in which to spend their out-of-school time and begin to develop the life skills they need to succeed through their high school years and beyond.

We encourage parents to learn more about our fun and educational school age program and summer camps. Transportation is available before and after school.


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