The School of the Little Ones


Every daycare provider knows toddlers are a bundle of energy. At The School of the Little Ones Inc., teachers embrace that energy and develop weekly lesson plans which encourage participation and fun. Our teachers get to know each child, learn their strengths and needs and provide age-appropriate engaging activities such as painting, water and sand play, small group experiences, book exploration, manipulative play, and whole group experiences (like circle times).

Our toddler curriculum is theme-based, which supports our hands - in philosophy. Toddlers strive in environments where they know what will come next. Our themed curriculum supports the use of pictorial daily schedules which enables toddlers to visually understand their day in predictable patterns and teach certain challenges according to the theme of that week. With a changing weekly theme a child's interests are never lost and their eagerness to learn expands!

Our class room offers a warm, homelike environment where toddlers can practices their emerging skills in all developmental stages, toddler rooms include.
• Open areas for gross motor development
• Cozy areas for toddlers
• Books, blocks, puzzles, action and reaction toys and props
• Learning centers for literacy, sensory, science, art, dramatic play, manipulative play and construction.
• Circle Time areas
• Materials which are plentiful and exercisable by toddlers.
• Clean and comfortable potty-training area.

We also make sure parents stay informed, with daily reports and monthly news letter


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